Now is the perfect time to get wrapped up in a new thriller, which is why we’re pleased to announce the publication of Keep Your Friends Close, Janelle Harris‘ fantastic new title, by Amazon Publishing / Lake Union.

The consuming plot of Keep Your Friends Close shows us the darker realities of mum-to-be Darcy Hogan’s life, behind her picture-perfect social media veneer. With her partner away, Darcy’s problems go from bad to worse, as she finds herself vulnerable, alone, and being stalked by a literal follower.

Darcy Hogan’s perfect life is all over social media. She’s beautiful, she’s successful, and she and her childhood sweetheart are about to become parents for the first time. But behind all the followers and the superficial likes lurks a darker truth…

In reality, Darcy feels isolated and afraid. Her difficult pregnancy has her confined to the house, she’s being harassed online, and out-of-control debt threatens to ruin everything she’s worked so hard for.

When her husband is summoned away on business, Darcy’s cabin fever soon spirals into fear. Who is making mysterious phone calls and knocking on her door? Is it an old friend trying to reach out—or a stranger determined to push in?

As her due date creeps closer, Darcy feels ever more certain that someone is out to get her. She’s desperate to get away—but is she running from the right person?

Fans can’t stop praising the book’s plot twists and perfect pacing:

“I just love a book that messes with your head, a book that you have no idea what is going to happen next, and with this book I got all that.” Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

“The tension in this book simmered until it came to a roiling boil! The ending left me with my jaw on the floor! This is the type of book that I get so immersed in I lose track of time.” Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

“It had me gripped from the start…I fell in love with all the characters!” Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

“This book is absolute genius…It has to be up there with my best psychological reads ever, if not the best.” Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

Studying psychology at university has given Janelle a keen interest in behaviour and emotion. She’s proud to be a crier. She enjoys charity work and helping to create a greater understanding of mental health. Janelle lives in Kildare, Ireland with her husband and five young children, one dog and cat who thinks she’s a dog.

With a gorgeous cover and a plot that’s sure to increase your heart rate, you’ll definitely want to get yourself a copy.