After having everyone in stitches with her highly-relatable and brutally-honest debut, the wonderful Kate Weston returns with Diary of a Confused Feminist 2: Must Do Better, published today by Hachette.

Kate has been counting down the days until she is able to share her new book with readers, and how beautiful do these two covers look side by side!

Expect more hilarious antics as Kat faces love, embarrassment, and all the other parts of growing up she just can’t wait to grow out of. Take a little look at what’s in store for her this time:

Meet Kat Evans: Feminist. Overthinker. Hot mess.
A hilarious antidote to our Insta-perfect world, for girls who want to do it right but always feel they’re getting it wrong …

16-year-old Kat has suffered through mortifying incidents, muddling moments and Instagram hell – but her extreme teenage confusion isn’t over yet.

It’s a new term, and Kat is determined to spread the word about DOING GOOD FEMINISM to all her fellow students. But her new Feminist Society does not exactly go to plan (why is everyone more confused than she is?!) and she’s left feeling more of a failure than ever. And with best friends Millie and Sam both going through difficult times, Kat wants to be there for them.

But there’s a class trip to France to look forward to, and a reunion with Kat’s former fling and TOTAL DREAMBOAT Sébastien. This is exactly what they all need … until Kat’s plans begin to unravel.

If Kat is doing her best, why does she always feel as if she must do better?

Fearlessly navigating school, mental health and relationships, Kate Weston is a hilarious new voice for those who love Holly Bourne and Netflix’s Sex Education.

Kate has also been garnering plenty of fans in the media too with praise coming from all directions, just check out what these publications had to say about the book:

‘… fans of Holly Bourne should love this’ Guardian

Diary of a Confused Feminist was one of last year’s funniest books and this sequel promises more of the same as Kat continues her (largely) disastrous attempts to launch a feminism society at her college’ i news

Kate is an ex-stand-up comedian (never won any awards) and a bookseller (never won any awards at that either). She now works as a marketer in publishing, and in her spare time writes books for teenagers. Her debut will be published by Hodder Children’s in February 2020. Though she no longer sells books, she is thrilled she now writes them, and is sometimes still funny.

Why not pick up your copy now – you really CANNOT do better than Diary of a Confused Feminist 2. (Pun Intended).