On Tuesday 9th May Waterstones Piccadilly will be hosting our wonderful, prize-winning YA author Holly Bourne, who will be discussing families in Young Adult literature alongside Rachael Lucas, Tamsyn Murray and Paige Toon. In what will be a fabulous and fascinating evening, they will explore the role of parents, grandparents and stress-you-out-siblings in their latest YA books.


Holly’s most recent book, …And A Happy New Year? is a follow-up novella to the acclaimed Spinster Trilogy of Am I Normal Yet?, winner of the Southern Schools book award, How Hard Can Love Be? and What’s A Girl Gotta Do? which explore friendship, feminism and families in abundance. Her next book It Only Happens in the Movies is out in October, taking a hilarious stance on the difference between clichĂ©d ‘movie love’ and real love.


Holly will be answering all your questions and signing copies of her books – tickets are on sale here.