We are so pleased to announce that Love, Loss and Little White Lies, the debut novel by the magnificent India Rigg, will be published by Hodder Studio in March this year.

The novel tells the poignant yet hilarious story of millennial Milly Dayton as she navigates ordinary twenty-something-life in the digital age alongside the less ordinary experience of widowhood.

Inspired by the constant analysis of ‘millennials’ in the media and an array of personal, comical experiences, India Rigg has written a captivating novel that is guaranteed to steal your heart. Perfect for fans of Holly Bourne, Lucy Vine and Lucy Diamond, we’re sure it will be the first of many wonderful novels by this talented new voice in women’s fiction! Here’s a little preview of what’s in store:

Milly Dayton became a widow at 25. Two years later, she’s got the whole thing down:

  • Go on the occasional date but bring your engagement ring so you can whip it out for a quick getaway
  • Steal brunch photos for social media posts so your friends know you’re fine
  • Keep messaging your late husband on Facebook – you’re not crazy if you don’t believe he’ll message you back

Milly isn’t okay but she looks it online. But everyone lies about their lives on Instagram, don’t they?

One day, sick of all the pretence, Milly creates Mizzenial, a new channel inspired by the straight-talking magazines of her childhood. But even here, she still can’t quite admit how lonely she really is. Can she take her own advice, finally open up and start to move on?

Funny, tender and heart-wrenching, Love, Loss and Little White Lies is a story for anyone who’s felt like everyone else has their life together. It will publish in ebook in March 2022 and paperback in May, but if you’re too excited to wait that long, why not preorder your copy early?

Congratulations, India, we can’t wait to share your novel with the world!