Enormous congratulations to C.J. Daugherty whose fourth book in the bestselling Night School series hits the shelves today.

Night School: Resistance, published by Little, Brown/Atom, sees Allie returning to Cimmeria Academy to find the school in turmoil. The atmosphere is thick with danger. The fightback starts here. Everything is at stake now. The winner takes all…

Night School is already an international No.1 bestseller.  Resistance will be released June 6, 2014 in the US and Canada.  

‘Night School is dramatic and full of great characters, the perfect blend of suspense and romance’ Sophie McKenzie

 ‘If you are a fan of teen romance mixed with mystery and lots of twists and turns, this book is for you’  Maximum Pop!

 ‘The most exciting teen book series to hit our shelves in ages’  Teen Now

 ‘Daugherty’s storytelling brims with gusto. Another enjoyable, thrill-packed term’  The FT

C.J. Daugherty ratchets up the tension expertly; she plants suspicion and weaves webs of deceit in a way that readers of Le Carré would recognise ’ Books for Keeps