Sunday Times bestselling authors Fiona Barton and C.J. Tudor were in Oslo last week for Krimfestivaler, which The Guardian describes as “one of the best crime festivals around the world”.

Fiona Barton was launching the Norwegian edition of The Child, published by Cappelen Damm. C.J. Tudor’s international hit The Chalk Man will be published in Norwegian, also by Cappelen Damm, later this year.

Norway has the world’s highest percentage of crime readers. While a mere decade ago Scandinavian crime fiction was considered a cult genre, it now has well-established position in the literary market. In celebration, the various Norwegian publishing houses host an annual international festival for crime and suspense fiction: Krimfestivalen. It allows the public and the press to see what’s at the cutting edge of crime fiction from around the world. For authors, it is a great chance to network with other crime writers and fans, with Lee Child saying “as an author I have never felt more appreciated.”