The Tea Planter’s Daughter by Janet MacLeod Trotter was published last week in France with the title Les Lumières d’Assam by Presses de la Cité. Copies were sent out to bloggers with packs of Assam tea, and the reviews have been excellent so far:

“I had so much empathy for Clarrie and this is completely due to the author’s penmanship which dazzled me, carrying me into the early 20th century, painting beautiful scenery and having me totally immersed in the incredible life of this character […] Incredibly magical.”

“A wonderful novel that takes us to the beautiful tea plantations of Assam  […] I devoured it in a weekend and I really loved it, always wanting to know the following events. A big favorite that I recommend to many.”

The French edition has been part of both the France Loisirs (exclusive Avant Première edition) and Grand Livre du Mois book clubs.

Presses de la Cite Les Lumieres d'Assam Janet MacLeod Trotter

The Tea Planter’s Daughter is also published in Bulgarian (Enthusiast), Italian (Newton Compton), Norwegian (Cappelen Damm) and Russian (Family Leisure Club)