We’re delighted to announce that The Relaxed Woman has been acquired by Ebury. UK and Commonwealth rights were won by editor Holly Whitaker from our agent Emma Bal. US Rights have also been sold to Michelle Howry at Putnam in a 6-way auction and to Goldmann (Germany) also at auction. The book is set for publication in Spring 2025.

Described as timely, zeitgeisty and well-researched, The Relaxed Woman aims to illuminate a path towards becoming well-nourished, deeply rested, joy-filled women with the energy to take care of ourselves and each other. It is an opportunity for us to heal from stress and toxic productivity, disrupt patriarchal norms and transform the way we live, love, work, parent and lead. Through drawing on neuroscience, sociology, psychology, and storytelling, as well as sharing findings from her own research, Nicole challenges everything we’ve been told to believe about rest, and dispels the widely accepted myths that relaxing is weak, lazy and selfish.

Nicola Jane Hobbs is a feminist psychologist with over a decade of experience supporting women’s health, wellbeing and personal and professional growth. She is the founder of The Relaxed Woman platform, and her online community has seen 624% yearly growth.

Nicole said: “I am so excited to bring The Relaxed Woman to life with Holly and the wonderful team at Ebury. For the last decade, my research and therapeutic work has centred on supporting women to feel safe enough to rest, to untangle their sense of worth from their productivity and to come together for healing, growth, and transformation. My hope is that this book will help readers to do the same. I’m so grateful to Emma Bal for her passion for The Relaxed Woman and for the support of the entire team at the Madeleine Milburn Agency”.

Congratulations Nicole!