Krista Marino at Delacorte has acquired Old Wounds by Logan-Ashley Kisner from Chloe Seager in a four-way auction.

Old Wounds is a YA horror novel following two trans teens, Erin and Max, as they embark on a cross-country road trip, only to find their journey interrupted when they car breaks down in an isolated Southern town that sacrifices girls to the monster that lives in their woods.

Marino said: ‘I truly haven’t read a submission so fresh and exciting in months and months, and Old Wounds is exactly how I see the evolution of horror moving in the future. At least, it’s the horror I want to help to bring to readers in the mainstream—dark works of fiction by underrepresented voices that are both windows and mirrors for readers looking to be entertained.’

It will be published in hardback in spring 2025.

Congratulations Logan!