James Fox‘s children’s novel The Boy In The Suit will be publishing this autumn 2024 with Scholastic UK, after our very own Director of Children’s & YA, Chloe Seager submits it to Fiction Publisher, Lauren Fortune; leading to Scholastic’s win for its UK and Commonwealth rights in a four-way auction.

“I wanted to write a story about a family navigating difficult circumstances that felt true to life, with all its ups and downs,” James shared about his heartfelt debut.

The Boy In The Suit follows ten-year-old Solo who just wants things to be normal — a regular name, a school uniform that fits, his mum Morag not getting the Big Bad Reds and most of all, stop crashing funerals for free food! One day Solo and Morag were caught by the press for crashing a celebrity’s funeral. How will Solo navigate being a viral sensation now that the normal life he dreams of is long gone?

Chloe said, “It’s not often you find a story that makes you laugh out loud on one page and sob on the next. James’ heartbreaking but ultimately uplifting novel, told with sharp humour and insight, is a truly special debut.”

Lauren added that the novel “is a truly extraordinary debut – to read this story is to love it, to drop everything to talk about it, to passionately want young readers to fall for it too. James handles the timely and relevant story of a boy struggling during the cost-of-living crisis with great warmth and skill.”

We are so excited for James and cannot wait for The Boy In The Suit to be published in September 2024!

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