Mark Edwards

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Madeleine Milburn

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International Rights

Valentina Paulmichl

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Film & TV

Hannah Ladds

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Press and Reviews

No Place to Run is that most wonderful of things - a book that opens with a breath-takingly startling premise and then keeps the momentum going…”

Fast-paced and twisted: it’s another Mark Edwards sensation.”

Once you start reading you won’t be able to stop…This is my first Mark Edwards book but I will now be reading every one.”

Disturbing, engrossing, and makes the time fly by. As ever, Edwards is a class act.’”

I loved The Magpies and it was great to find out what happened next. A Murder of Magpies is a dark, creepy, twisted delight.”

Thrilling, exciting, and typically scary…A fabulous follow-up to one of my favorite psychological thrillers, The Magpies.”

A Murder of Magpies is short but packs one HELL of a punch. Beautifully written, scary as hell. Look out, Lucy’s back!”

This is why I never go camping in the woods. Another terrifically creepy page-turner from a consummate storyteller.”

Loved this nightmare summer-camp holiday story—another pitch-perfect page-turner from Mark Edwards.”

The Hollows is an exceptionally creepy page-turner with a brilliantly-handled parent/teenager dynamic at its heart.”