Christi Daugherty

Primary Agent

Madeleine Milburn

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International Rights

Liane-Louise Smith

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Film & TV

Hannah Ladds

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Press and Reviews

Turbo-charged pacing, vivid sense of place, and unforgettable characters add up to Thriller with a capital T.”

An enthralling, unputdownable read, with a breakneck pace and a premise that sometimes felt all too plausible.”

Alias Emma blew me away. A taut, propulsive thriller with a terrific female protagonist, Alias Emma is a classic spy novel for a modern audience. I…”

I raced through this taut, nail-biting, twisty spy thriller. A wild ride through the streets of London that moves so quickly it’ll leave you breathless.”

A first-rate adventure … fast-paced, intriguing, and romantic.”

Gripping…Harper is an appealing character readers will want to see more of.”

A book that is gripping, atmospheric and effortlessly cool, despite the Savannah heat.”

Lots of action packed and thrilling moments . . . Exciting and unique.”

Packed full of adventure starring two strangers in a fight for their lives. Recommended for teenagers who like paranormal drama.”

The Secret Fire is an addictive novel from two authors whose styles, approaches and ideas merge seamlessly … the best YA fantasy you'll read this September.”