Psychological Thriller

UK Publication

HarperCollins / Avon, April 2015

US Publication

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Press and Reviews

A plot both brilliant and chilling; characters both appealing and dark and a terrifying climax to which you will race with your heart hammering in your…”

A real page-turner, with two storylines: one of growing menace in the present, and a past narrative of a girls-only holiday that goes horrifically wrong. Creepy,…”

Tense, menacing and utterly addictive, The Lie is a superbly crafted thriller.' I loved it!”

C.L Taylor delivers another compelling read that’ll keep you turning pages way too late into the night. Warning: may cause drowsiness the following day.”

The Lie is absolutely brilliant – The Beach, only darker, more thrilling and more tense. It’s the story of a twisted, distorted friendship. It’s a compelling,…”

The Lie felt to me like a Black Narcissus for the Facebook generation, a clever exploration of how petty jealousies and misunderstandings can unravel even the…”

An excellent psychological thriller”

5/5 stars – Spine-chilling!”

Packed with twists and turns this brilliantly tense thriller will get your blood pumping.”

Haunting and heart-stoppingly creepy, The Lie is a gripping roller coaster of suspense.”