Little Darlings


Suspense & Thriller

UK Publication

HarperCollins / HQ, May 2019

US Publication

Crooked Lane, April 2019


HarperCollins Canada

Press and Reviews

A story that is in turn enthralling, creepy and downright sinister, Melanie Golding turns fairy tales on their heads in Little Darlings, making this one to…

Riveting, terrifying and at times heart-breaking, Little Darlings had me tip-toeing through my dark house at night to check on the children. Melanie Golding’s disturbing portrait…

Deep. Dark. Utterly addictive. I read this extraordinary book in one, breathless gulp. It touched me so deeply, it felt almost dangerous. At times I simply…

Chilling story, beautiful prose. Little Darlings is stunning”

I love this book! Compelling from the first page to the very last, Golding took me by the hand and pulled me softly but persistently through…

Dark, compelling and terrifyingly relatable, Little Darlings takes every parent’s worst fear and deftly twists it into something even more horrific. It will have you checking…

Viscerally creepy and compelling - a contemporary dark fairy tale that reeled me in like tales of old.”

Dark, richly evocative, tense and thought-provoking. Taps into every woman's fear that she will not be believed

Ingenious, chilling, and completely absorbing, Little Darlings is destined to be the hit of 2019. The scariest book I have read in many years.

Melanie Golding tells the truth about motherhood like no other writer since Sylvia Plath. Rich and satisfying, this is part who-done-it, part fairy tale, part psychological…