Circus of Wonders


Historical Fiction

UK Publication

Picador, May 2021

US Publication

Atria / Emily Bestler Books, February 2022

Film & TV

Buccaneer Media

Press and Reviews

Another seductive slice of Victorian noir.”

Spectacular . . . A brilliantly involving story, vivid with the sights and sounds of Victorian England. A fantastic read.”

Wonderful . . . Glitters and gleams with the grimy stories of a travelling circus . . . Utterly beguiling.”

Elizabeth Macneal has done it again . . . Entrancing, tender, captivating. A marvel. I couldn’t put it down.”

Elizabeth Macneal’s marvellous debut, The Doll Factory, was a bestselling success. This second book, beautifully written and filled with character and life, cements her reputation as…”

A glittering follow-up to The Doll Factory . . . a mark of Macneal's subtlety and originality.”