We’re thrilled to share that Ashley Audrain‘s propulsive page-turner The Whispers, is now available in paperback in the US. Described as a major women’s fiction talent, Ashley’s latest book is a chilling exploration of envy women’s friendships, desire, and the intuitions that we silence.

This addictive read is follows the story of well-to-do neighborhood couples and their children who gather for a catered barbecue as the summer winds down. Everything is fabulous until the picture-perfect hostess explodes in fury because her son disobeys her. Everyone at the party hears her exquisite veneer crack—loud and clear. Before long, that same young boy falls from his bedside window in the middle of the night. And then, his mother can only sit by her son’s hospital bed, where she refuses to speak to anyone, and his life hangs in the balance.

What happens next, over the course of a tense three days, as each of these women grapple with what led to that terrible night?

The Whispers received outstanding press reviews and author endorsements during its first publication:

“In The Whispers Ashley Audrain explores the combustibility of secrets and rage among mothers in a small community… expertly, subtly and powerfully rendered….[and] she delivers a sucker-punch ending you’ll have to read twice to believe.”
The New York Times Book Review

The Whispers is spellbinding, a shimmering, visceral ride…Nobody delves as deep into the guts of motherhood as Ashley Audrain, she really is in a league of her own.”
—Lisa Jewell, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Family Remains
“Keen, observant…The Whispers examines the role of envy among friend groups, the power of maternal love and the ties that bind a community.”
—Zibby Owens for Good Morning America

“Audrain delves into the minds of women entering midlife who must now face the choices they made as well as their own complicity in shaming those who prioritize something different for themselves.”
The Washington Post

If you haven’t already, you can get your copy here

Happy paperback publication day Ashley!