With the Halloween season closely approaching us, we’ve got just the book in store for fans of the spooky season: debut middle-grade novel, The Twig Man by Sana Rasoul, publishes today with Indie publisher Hashtag Press.

The Twig Man follows the story of twelve-year-old Ari as he goes on a brave rescue mission to find his lost sister whose been taken by the creepy Twig Man, somewhere deep in the haunted forest. Will he be able to track her down in time or will he too be taken by the Twig Man?

Growing up as an avid reader of spooky tales, author Sana Rasoul hopes to show more representation and diversity in this genre, welcoming children from all backgrounds to see themselves reflected in such stories.

Congratulations Sana on your publication day! There’s no better way to get yourself in the Halloween spirit so get your copy here!