Louise Gooding‘s beautiful story about dementia publishes today! The Memory Book is a reassuring story about the love between a little girl and her grandma, with practical information to help young children understand dementia and the changes it can bring.

I love visiting my grandma. We read together, play her piano, feed the birds in the garden and we love looking through her big box of photos . . .

But when Grandma starts to forget who the people in the photographs are, Mum explains that Grandma is living with something called dementia. She says, “Grandma is still the person we know and love, she’s just a little different now “

Carers UK has called this “A helpful book for families affected by dementia”

Louise Gooding is a children’s writer who lives in Switzerland with her partner and three children. Always a keen reader and writer with an overactive imagination, it was no surprise that after many years working in children’s entertainment Louise channelled her energy and creativity into writing children’s books.

Louise loves the inquisitive nature of children and wanted to discuss topics such as mental health, neurodiversity and disability. Having a neurodiverse family herself, Louise is keen to help increase the visibility of disabled, and neurologically different people in children’s books.

You can buy your copy of The Memory Book here.

Congratulations on your Book Birthday Louise!