The brilliant emotional yet action-packed adult sci-fi novel, Lord of the Empty Isles by Jules Arbeaux is out today with Hodderscape!

For fans of found families and queer-platonic relationships, Lord of the Empty Isles follows Remy who seeks revenge on his brother’s killer, Idrian by casting a withering – a death curse – which unexpectedly rebounds onto him. Forced to work together to slow the curse, Remy discovers that Idrian is the sole provider of life-saving supplies to thousands of innocent lives. And if he dies, they will die with him. With more at stake now, Remy must find a way to break the curse. But the only way to stop a withering is to kill the witherer.

Once you start reading, you won’t be able to put it down without finding out how it ends.
    — Hana Lee, author of Road to Ruin

Born in Sacramento but raised reckless and barefoot deep in the woods, Jules is a longlistee for the 2022 Bath Novel Award. when not writing, Jules is busy painting and surrounded by a throng of thriving succulents. Lord of the Empty Isles is their first novel.

Congrats on the publication, Jules! You can get your copy here.