Published today with Simon & Schuster, Look What You Made Me Do by Kat McKenna is a must-have book for Swifties!

What does it mean to be a fan? It takes commitment and dedication to be in a fandom, especially as a Swiftie. And there’s nothing more rewarding than sourcing the latest Taylor Swift news and updates, cracking her masterful easter eggs, anticipating new music and meeting fellow fans. But fan culture today is more intense than ever with trolls and online warfare.

In this love letter to the fandom era, discover the birth and history of fandoms, the many Eras of Taylor Swift, celebrity politics and cancel culture, and ultimately: why being a fan is so special! Featuring interviews with fans, DeuxMoi and the founder of Swiftogeddon, this book is the essential guide on how to be a fan.

Aside from being a pop culture enthusiast, Kat has also worked in the publishing industry over 15 years and now runs her own marketing business. Look What You Made Me Do is her first book.

Congratulations Kat on this Taylorrific publication! Available in purple, pink, green and blue, get your copy here.