Tom Vaughan introduces a brand new Children’s series today with Scholastic, titled Hercules: The Diary of a (Sort of) Hero.

Hercules Braver is going to his new secondary school and if he’s going to survive it, he has to live up to his name fast; like the Greek hero. But instead he’s faced with impossible tasks… until his birth dad shows up returning from Greece, and he thinks his problems are solved. With God-like strength and awe-inspiring powers, could his dad even be… the real Zeus?! And will Hercules learn what it truly means to be a hero?

A brilliant, accessibly and VERY funny book
– Jen Carney, author of The Accidental Diary of B.U.G

Tom is also the author of Bin Boy and A Gangster Stole My Trunks.

Congratulations to Tom on the publication! Get your copy here.