Mess. Scandal. Drama. It’s an exciting day for YA thriller lovers in the US and Canada as Hachette publishes two of Benjamin Dean‘s books today – How To Die Famous in hardback and The King Is Dead in paperback!

First published in the UK in July 2023 by Simon and Schuster and recently nominated for the YA Book Prize 2024, How To Die Famous follows London-born journalist Abel going undercover as Hollywood’s latest teen star as he seeks to find the truth and expose his brother’s ‘accidental’ death covered up by the ‘squeaky clean’ entertainment industry. Stepping into the spotlight alongside fellow actors, Abel soon discovers the darker world of secrecy fame holds. Nobody is who they seem when the cameras are off, and everybody has something to hide. But who’s next in line to die famous? 

Keeping in line with the scandalous plot, The King Is Dead which was previously published in hardback in the US in July 2023 is a Black LGBTQ+ royal reimaging. When his father dies unexpectedly, James crowned King at the age of seventeen and his life irrevocably changes. Threats start appearing in the palace and gossip that only he knows leak to the public when his boyfriend suddenly goes missing. As the anonymous informant continues to expose every last skeleton in the royal closet, James realises even those in his inner circle can’t be trusted.

Benjamin Dean is a multi-award winning and nominated author and a former celebrity reporter. He has also written several Children’s books, including The Boy Who Fell From The Sky, The Secret Sunshine Project and Me, My Dad and the End of the Rainbow.

Congratulations Ben! US and Canada readers, get your copy of How To Die Famous here and The King Is Dead here.