Award-winning author, Danielle Jawando‘s third novel If My Words Had Wings publishes today with Simon & Schuster!

This life affirming YA story of rehabilitation follow Tyrell Forrester who got caught in a high-profile armed robbery at fifteen and was sentenced to two years in a young offenders’ prison. Now that he’s released, he’s determined to turn his life around. But systemic discrimination makes it difficult for Ty to truly be free. Inspired by a visiting poet while inside, he discovers a whole new world through spoken word and finally finds his voice. But will society ever see him as anything other than a criminal?

“Compassionate, nuanced, and hopeful stories about young people are so important for the times we’re living in. The more people that read this, the better.”
Guvna B, rapper and author

Danielle is also the author of And The Stars Were Burning Brightly and When Our Worlds Collided, which were shortlisted and won several awards including the Jhalak Children and YA’s Prize respectively.

Congratulations Danielle on the publication! You can get your copy here.