This is a list of resources that you may find useful in preparing your submission package or when working on your manuscript either pre or post submission. We do not endorse any of these companies, but we have collaborated with many of them. Please note that most of these resources are aimed at fiction writers and that many are UK based. This is also not an exhaustive list and writers should do their own research to find the best fit for them.

Organisations That Offer Free Development Opportunities

Asian Women Writers

Black Women Writers

London Writers Awards (for underrepresented writers)

Penguin Random House WriteNow (for underrepresented writers)

Literature Wales

Organisations That Offer Free and Paid for Development opportunities

WriteMentor (Children’s)

Mslexia (for women)

Creative Future  (for underrepresented candidates)

Literature Works (South West England)

New Writing North

Spread the Word (London)

New Writing South

Writing East Midlands

Writing West Midlands

Organisations that Offer Paid for Development Opportunities

Jericho Writers

The Novelry

London Writers Cafe

The Literary Consultancy Manuscript Assessment

Prizes for Unpublished Novels

The Bath Novel Awards

Lucy Cavendish Fiction Prize (for women)

Betty Trask Prize (a first novel by a writer under 35)

McKitterick Prize (a first novel by a writer over 40)

Creative Future Writers’ Award (for underrepresented writers)

Northern Book Prize (for any writer lives in the North of England or who has a strong connection to the North)

Useful Resources

Writers & Artists Handbook

Stephanie Wrobel’s Blog

Caroline Mitchell’s Blog

Historical Novel Society