Hey everyone, my name is Rakhi and I’m so excited to say that I’m the new intern at the MM Agency this year. Despite having been here only for a few weeks, I’ve experienced a whirlwind of learning. My workday starts at 9:30 am but I usually arrive by 9:15 to prepare myself for the day ahead. I always indulge in a foamy cup of coffee and the delightful treats that agents have brought into the office from their business trips abroad. Once I’m at my desk, I start working my way through the daily emails we receive which normally involve rights sales, author events, blurb requests and stock updates.

Given the busy nature of this time of year in the industry, I help agents based on the urgency of their workload. This can involve a lot of administrative responsibilities including processing royalty statements, categorically organizing the company database, managing office schedules, ordering supplies, updating the website, and cataloguing the large influx of mail that we receive every day. I also help with a range of reception duties, which have really helped to develop my interpersonal skills. My responsibilities include answering the phone, handling the post, proof requests, sorting through books, taking minutes for meetings, and welcoming in clients when they visit. This has really helped me develop my communication and organizational skills in an office environment, which is always important within a new workplace, as well as outside of it. Lunch breaks out at 1pm and after giving Maple, the office dog, her well-deserved pets and belly rubs, I stroll down the roads of Clapham Common with my colleagues to enjoy the wide array of food options, nearly always settling for a hot meal from Pret.

After lunch I work my way through my several tasks which includes reading submissions for the primary agents, writing news posts about deals and publications, and creating social media posts using Canva. Having one-on-one discussions with the primary agents about these tasks has helped me to learn so much about the industry. I’m now very aware of how important a strong social media profile is for the success of brand authors, and I’ve loved helping to shape up the agency’s Instagram and Twitter page. Through our weekly team meetings, I’ve also learned so much about the thrilling process of signing new clients and how the primary and rights agents negotiate deals with publishing houses across the world.

I’ve also gained a much better understanding of how the book market is constantly evolving in these team meetings. It’s fascinating to learn that younger people are now the predominant drivers of the book market through their use of social media. I’m particularly interested in the rise of BookTok, which is now one of the sole drivers of book trends, and responsible for a huge leap in sales for some titles. I also enjoy reading the various submissions that come through to us every day. There is a special feeling of exclusivity in being able to read the very first draft of a manuscript. Reading all these submissions has also given me a much better understanding of what is currently trending in the book market, and I’m now aware of how important comparison titles are in a submission letter, as this gives the agent a better idea of how to sell a particular manuscript.

I love working in such a dynamic and vibrant agency where no day is the same – it really adds a thrill to every new task sent my way. It is also such a joy being able to celebrate bestseller books with our agents and the entire team. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by this amazing team and can’t wait to learn more over the coming months!