As a new Associate Agent at the MM Agency, my time is split between helping Chloe Seager and actively building my own list of clients.  As a long-term lover of anything magical, I’m looking to fill my list with Science Fiction and Fantasy for all ages, from epic to romantic and everything in between. I’m also looking for exciting children’s non-fiction that helps to improve our understanding of the world.

The first thing I do when I come into the office in the morning is look at emails that have come in overnight. We work with writers and publishers worldwide, so we often receive correspondence out of hours. I reply to anything urgent and block out time to do any longer tasks. Today, Chloe wants a second opinion on some exciting submissions. I also like to keep up with industry news on The Bookseller and BookBrunch and I make a note of any interesting information.

I’m currently writing editorial notes for a fantastic author I have recently signed, so I start the day by finishing this off. I absolutely love writing these, as it often fills me with fresh excitement about the author and their book and I enjoy thinking of creative ideas to make the book sing for the current market.

Once I’ve read this through, it’s time for the all-staff meeting. Every Tuesday, all the agents and the MM Agency staff gather to discuss what deals have been done, how our projects are getting on and what our current priorities are. It’s one of my favorite parts of the week as I love hearing what everyone is up to! This week some exciting deals are shared from all around the world.

After the meeting, I go back to my desk and update our database. Then it’s lunchtime! I try to leave the office at lunchtime to get some air and wander to one of the many coffee shops on offer. I normally squeeze in a couple of pages of reading too, either from the submissions inbox or a manuscript that I have recently called in.

Post-meeting, I read the submissions that Chloe has asked me to look at and send her my notes. Chloe has a brilliant eye for hilarious books and I find myself snorting with laughter at my desk. I also send some emails arranging more editor meetings and reply to a few author and editor queries.  Chloe and I then have a catch-up where we go through our priorities for the rest of the week. I ask her a few questions about some submissions I’m looking at for my own list and we discuss her strategy for a book that she is about to send out. Finding the perfect match between author and editor is a vital part of our job as agents and building a submissions list is a careful balancing act, ensuring that the right editor sees this manuscript at the right time.

After lunch, I have an inspiring meeting with an editor over Zoom. We discuss current trends, what they’re looking for at the moment and what they have recently acquired. I also pitch a few new books by my clients and make a note of whether they are interested in seeing these books when they go on submission.

Back at my desk, I offer my opinion on some cover options that have come in for another agent. We’re a very collaborative Agency, so we regularly ask the whole team for their opinions on covers and titles.

I end the day by diving into the submissions inbox. I spy a few submissions that are right up my street and happily send them through to read tonight.