We are thrilled to announce the UK eBook release of Tilly Tennant’s Worth Waiting For by Bookouture today. The title was published in paperback on 15th September.

Tennant’s knack for making magic out of the mundane has gained her a cult following in the UK and Australia, where she is an Amazon bestselling author. The lovely cover was revealed via Twitter earlier this month.

The delightful romantic comedy follows Ellie Newton, a local journalist on the hunt for a lead with some feeling…

Ellie Newton’s life revolves around telling other people’s stories. As a journalist for the Millrise Echo, she’s always a phone call away from the latest goings-on in her hometown. But school fundraisers and shopping trolley thefts have started to feel slightly, dare she say it, boring. Until she hears about a story that definitely has something special.

Ben was heartbroken when his girlfriend Gemma walked out on him without a word. But rather than mope around the house and eat his body weight in cookie-dough ice cream, he’s decided to do something about it. This calls for a grand gesture, and a bunch of flowers just isn’t going to cut it. Ben has set up camp on the street outside Gemma’s house and is determined to stay there until she explains why she left and offers him a chance to fix things.

The story has everything Ellie loves – local interest, romance, a rather handsome man – and she decides to do everything she can to help Ben win Gemma back. But as Ellie and Ben join forces to reunite him with the girl of his dreams, could their story lead them somewhere more unexpected, after all?

Previously published as The Man Who Can’t Be Moved.

A perfectly feel-good romantic read that will move you to laughter and tears. Fans of Josie Silver, Lucy Diamond and Jill Mansell will be totally enchanted by this heart-warming tale.

In reviews, readers are swooning for Tennant’s irresistibly charming storytelling:

“Tilly does it again . How she thinks up all her characters and stories and makes them so believable is a mystery to me. This one brought a tear to my eye at the end and who does not need a good cry?” Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

“This book drags you through every emotion and when you finish that last page you feel like you have been through a such a journey… This is a beautiful story.” Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

“I loved this book. Life isn’t rose tinted and sugary sweet, its messy, stressful and exhausting and Tilly Tennant has created a storyline and setting that is very real.” Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

“Lovely story that dreams are made of. Brilliant writing and great use of characters.” Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

 “I couldn’t wait to start reading and once I started reading, I simply couldn’t stop.” Amazon reviewer, 5 stars


Over her career Tilly Tennant has written over 20 books under different pseudonyms, the ten most recent of which have been published by Bookouture. Tilly started her career in writing late, following a stream of dissatisfactory jobs. She enrolled in a degree in English and Creative Writing and wrote her first novel in 2007 during her first summer break at university. She graduated with First Class Honours in 2009.

A huge congratulations Tilly, we are so thrilled for you.