Those who enjoyed reading The Other Daughter, the emotional debut novel by Caroline Bishop will be thrilled to hear that her new novel, The Lost Chapter, publishes today with Simon & Schuster in paperback, ebook and audio.

Set between two timelines and two locations, The Lost Chapter is a story of friendship and how the past can influence the future.

Given its beautiful setting in Lyon, Caroline was featured in an online interview with France Magazine, with an additional print interview to come in their February issue too – we recommend you pick up a copy if you can! And for lucky readers who find themselves in either Lyon, Paris, or London today, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for your chance to stumble across a copy of the novel courtesy of Book Fairies – those magical booklovers will be dotting copies around each city in celebration of publication day.

Caroline has also received some incredible praise from fellow authors:

‘Caroline Bishop is a wonderful storyteller, crafting characters who step off the page and writing beautifully of female friendship. This is a kind, wise and inspiring novel and its conclusion left me smiling.’

Caroline Scott

‘Powerful and engaging, this story of female friendship and societal expectations of the 1950s has a compelling mystery at the heart of the story’

My Weekly

‘A heartwarming story of selfless friendship, and of women who dare to pursue the road less travelled. Dappled with a touch of mystery and cheeky humour, The Lost Chapter inspires us to push the boundaries of our own comfort zones.’

Heather Marshall, author of Looking for Jane

‘A warm but bold look at female friendship…’

OK! Magazine

With so much excitement around this book, why not read on for a hint at what The Lost Chapter has in store and pick up your copy today.

1957, France.

Florence and Lilli meet at finishing school in Lyon. Despite some differences, they forge a firm friendship that promises to last a lifetime. But a terrible betrayal prematurely tears them apart.

Years later in England, Florence has become the woman her friend knew she could be – creative, bold, and independent. The exact opposite of Alice, a young woman troubled by a recent trauma, whom Florence is determined to help bring out of her shell. Just as Lilli once did for her.

When Florence discovers that the novel she’s reading is written by Lilli and is based on their time at school, the two stories begin to unfold together. Past events illuminate the future, and it becomes clear that long-held secrets can’t stay buried forever.

Congratulations, Caroline – we hope you have a wonderful day celebrating this wonderful novel!