The latest novel by international bestseller Ella Carey has been published by Bookouture, and readers old and new are going to love the third book in Carey’s popular Daughters of New York series.

The Girl From Paris features a young Vianne, who we first encountered in A New York Secret. It starts in 1918, in a Paris reeling from the Great War, before transporting the reader to New York, and immersing them in the fashion and sounds of that great city as it emerges in the 1920s. With Carey’s unmistakable brand of drama, romance and glamour, it is little wonder that this novel has already climbed to the top of Amazon bestseller lists in the UK, US and in Carey’s home country of Australia too.

Vianne rushes through the crowded streets of Paris as the German bombs begin to fall. As she rounds the corner she sees the familiar spires of the old church burst into flames. Too late, she realizes that her mother and sister are trapped inside….

Paris, 1918. The end of war is in sight, and young seamstress Vianne Mercier is longing for the day when she can stop sewing military uniforms and start creating the beautiful dresses that she has been dreaming up in her head.

But just when it seems like peace is within reach, Vianne’s mother and sister are killed in a terrible air raid. To make matters worse, Vianne’s brother has returned home a changed man. Controlling and cruel, he presents Vianne with an ultimatum; give up her dreams of becoming a designer, or be forced onto the streets, penniless and alone.

With nothing left for her in Paris but sad memories, she decides to sail for New York. Determined not to look back, she throws herself into her new life – spending her days sewing dresses for wealthy Upper East Side women and her evenings dancing the Charleston to Duke Ellington in the new downtown clubs. When Vianne meets handsome Italian Giorgio Conti, he encourages her career, and she feels safe for the first time since she lost her family.

Then news of a terrible accident compels Vianne to suddenly return to France, where she discovers proof of a wartime secret that changes everything she thought she knew about her family. Facing the threat of sickness and ruin, the people who forced Vianne out of her home now suddenly need her help.

Will Vianne find the courage to follow her heart and return to New York and her life with Giorgio? Or will duty bind her to the family she had left behind and force her to remain in France?

Readers are totally captivated by The Girl from Paris:

‘Spellbinding historical fiction at its best’ Bookish Jottings

‘I recommend curling up with the book and enjoying the storytelling just as I did.’ Karen K is Reading

‘Once again, Ella has produced an emotional and gripping historical drama that proves her talent.’ Ceri’s Little Blog

 ‘This book has a beautiful message and is a must read for those who have a thing for the 1920’s, fashion, romance and family dramas.’ The French Village Diaries

‘Thank you Ella Carey for such an amazing addition to the Daughters of New York series.  This is one series I didn’t want to end.’ Page-Turners