Guardian2Based on the international bestselling Young Adult books by C.J. Daugherty, Night School the Web Series launches today!

As featured on the front page of The Guardian, today marks the launch of the first EVER web series based on a UK YA book.

The brainchild of a husband-and-wife team: BAFTA-nominated Director Jack Jewers and author C.J. DaughertyThe Night School Web Series presents six original episodes set within the world of the books.

Webisode one will be launched today on the Night School YouTube channel which has already had 300,000 views and counting for its book trailers.

Produced by Trailermade Films, Night School Web Series tells the story of Allie Sheridan, a school girl at the exclusive private school, Cimmeria Academy. After a series of unexplained student murders the academy becomes the scene of a civil war between teachers, students and Night School members and the school’s dark secrets begin to unravel…

The web series does not directly mirror the book’s chapters, instead, exciting new territories and compelling themes are explored by the original characters.

C.J. Daugherty says: Night School fans tell me the books feel REAL to them. I wanted to make the story even more alive. I am barraged with emails and messages every single day from fans asking for a TV series or film of Night School. This was a way to give them what they want and to be at the cutting edge of something brand new.

Jack Jewers says: YouTube now accounts for more than 50% of everything we watch. It’s the future and the present. This is the way we will all be watching television soon. America is already way ahead of us in transforming books into web series and I’m really excited that we get to be the first people to launch a web series based on a book in the UK.

Each webisode in Night School the Web Series is less than ten minutes long and will be aired once a week beginning 12 December and continuing through January.

The webisodes use the same cast (see below) as the cult hit Night School book trailers and aim to unite action with the complex emotional and political issues inherent in the books.

Night School2Night School1