After months of planning, designing and constructing, the doors to The Factory opened this week!

Over the Christmas period this large former metalworks factory in the heart of Clapham, south west London, was miraculously transformed  into a stunning new work space for the MM Agency.

Having most recently been used as a photography studio, the space was largely empty, and in need of some refurbishment:

And what a transformation it has proven to be:

Max Buston, founder of his eponymous design agency (, worked tirelessly with his team to create a 2,500 sq ft space that is beautiful yet practical for those that work here, and a joy for people that come to visit.

As you enter the building you are met with a gorgeous reception area (pictured at the top) filled with Scandinavian chic and shelves from the Bodleian Library dating from the 1880s. The main office is designed to an open plan spec, but with plenty of spaces for peace and privacy for those that need it. Bookshelves abound, and the clusters of desks made from reclaimed wood are tantalisingly out of site.

A contemporary meeting pod and phone booth cleverly blend function with style and a long dining table and screened sofa area facilitate a collaborative and enhanced working experience.


The space is specifically designed to be adaptable, and can also be used to host events for Agency authors, new writers and the literary community in London and beyond. We are currently finalising details of three events for the first half of this year, with more details very soon.

In the meantime, we look forward to welcoming all our authors, illustrators and colleagues from the industry to this wonderful, peaceful and inspiring new space!