A fantastical adventure story for middle-grade and beyond, The Boy With One Name by J.R. Wallis is published today by Simon and Schuster. Known for his YA novels The Dark Inside and All Sorts of Possible, J.R. Wallis has been shortlisted for various prizes, including the Branford Boase Award. The Boy With One Name is the first in a magical new series of monsters and shadows with two brilliant heroes.


A dauntless tale of quests and the search for a sense of belonging, The Boy With One Name stars Jones, an orphan, hunting monsters as a trainee Badlander, who yearns for a normal life, and ordinary girl Ruby with a hunger for magic, who dreams of being the first female Badlander. Their eventful meeting leads to a momentous task set in a hidden realm of our world – and growing up is hard enough, especially when you have ogres to contend with. Neither expect to end up protecting the worlds they sought to escape. But can the young friends step up to the challenge?


We are buzzing with excitement for everyone to discover this stellar read, perfect for those with a zest for action and excitement. But stay safe tonight.  Be vigilant.  Because there’s always that chance a monster is watching you on your way home.  Licking its lips.  Patting its tummy.  Because not every fairytale can be wrong can it?  Not every monster myth or story is made up, surely?