Set to publish in February 2025, Scholastic triumphs in a six-way auction to the ‘unforgettable’ YA romcom, Red Flags by Sophie Jo. The novel will be supported by an “unmissable” marketing and publicity campaign.

Red Flags follows the story of Poppy and Cam who are both not great at maintaining long-term relationships. Poppy is known for having high standards and sees no point in relationships when boys don’t live up to her expectations. As for Cam, he quickly develops the ick and has never dated anyone for long. When Poppy’s friends challenge her to give someone a chance for two whole months, she decides her mysterious bus crush, Cam would be the perfect choice. But Cam has set his own challenge: he has banned himself from ending his next relationship… and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to put Poppy off.

Sophie shared that “The term ‘red flag’ is often casually thrown around to label anything” and “It’s no wonder that a lot of teens (and adults) might be unsure what truly signifies a red flag in their own relationships. I’m so excited for readers to join Poppy and Cam on their journey, as they both reassess the kind of person they want to date and the kind of person they want to be.”

Fiction editorial director, Poppy Lyall-Grant obtained UK and Commonwealth rights said “The team shared a unanimous green flag ‘we have to have it’ moment in the office when this landed. We are thrilled to be launching Sophie Jo as a major new voice in romantic YA fiction.”

Director of Children’s & YA, Chloe Seager commented: “Deftly exploring the difference between what makes a legitimate red flag and what is simply being flawed and human, Sophie Jo’s book is as thoughtful as it is escapist.”

Sophie is an alumna of the Madeleine Milburn Mentorship scheme 2020. As an ambassador for the Women’s Aid, she’s passionate to spread the word about healthy teen relationships and works to help end domestic violence. Her debut YA novel The Nicest Girl was published in August 2022.

We cannot wait for Red Flags to hit the shelves early next year. Congratulations, Sophie! You can read the full article here.