Congratulations to Fiona Valpy, whose new novel Sea of Memories is published today, having already been a Top 10 bestseller with its Kindle First launch.

From the windswept Île de Ré to the rugged hills of Scotland, this dual-timeline historical romance is a spellbinding journey about the power of memory, love and second chances. When Kendra Dalrymple is asked to visit her grandmother Ella in an old age home, she doesn’t know what to expect. Kendra has her own problems to deal with: a disabled son, a newly-redundant husband and a full-time job as a teacher. Ella wants Kendra to write the story of her life before her memory fades and, she is swiftly taken back to a beautiful small island off the coast of France where a young Ella met a boy called Christophe and fell in love so deeply, only one thing could tear it apart: another World War.

Valpy spent seven years living in France and now lives in Scotland, drawing on both experiences to create the authentic depictions in Sea of Memories. She is also the author of The French for Love series which was optioned by Game of Thrones producer Frank Doelger of Trinity Productions, and has been translated into German, Norwegian, Czech and Turkish.

You can pick up your copy of Sea of Memories here. German and Norwegian editions are forthcoming from AufBau and Cappelen Damm respectively.