Are We All Lemmings and Snowflakes? by Holly Bourne is published in paperback by Usborne today. It takes a searing look at teenage mental health and is infused with Holly’s trademark heart and humour.

Olive, a girl on the edge, is filled with new optimism when she is offered a place at Camp Reset, a state of the art summer camp for teenagers. With its promise of normality, recovery and friendship the opportunity is too good to pass up.

At Camp Reset, Olive’s told to start using a special app – one where she can log her moods and thoughts. She finds out the camp has developed algorithms to measure and predict a patient’s well-being, to help them prioritise support.

Olive’s obsessed with the idea of a mathematical formula to sanity. But as she hears the other people’s stories, she starts to wonder if it’s the world driving them mad. And so she devises a plan to cure the world with kindness. Because together, snowflakes can form avalanches…

Holly is an advocate for young people issues, and it was recently revealed that she is the newest ambassador for mental health charity Sane.

Copies of the book were exclusively on sale at YALC, two weeks before publication, and there were special themed Camp Reset activities at the conference including an origami workshop, panel discussion and book signing.

Below are a couple of our favourite responses to the book so far:

“As ever, bestselling young adult author Holly Bourne tackles a serious subject with humour and sensitivity.” Sunday Express

“I cannot wait for this book to be published, and to start being able to recommend it to teens. I feel so passionately about trying to end stigma against mental health, and this feels like a good tool.” Waterstones bookseller

Well done, Holly, on the publication of your hugely important book!