The MM Agency is immensely pleased to announce that thriller writer Jack Jordan has just won big with Simon & Schuster UK, following a three-way battle for rights to his hotly anticipated title, Do No Harm

UK and Commonwealth rights have been acquired by commissioning editor Bethan Jones from Madeleine Milburn in a two-book deal, with plans to launch Do No Harm as a lead hardback thriller in July 2022. Jack’s second novel, Take Her Down, will follow in 2023.

Jack is already an accomplished author with a catalogue of successful titles, including Anything for Her, My Girl, A Woman Scorned, Night by Night and Before Her Eyes, which was a bestseller.

Do No Harm is sure to be a hit with fans of tense, emotional page-turners that pose intriguing psychological questions. The premise of the book surrounds an accomplished, upstanding single mother who is thrown into a sinister mind game when her son’s kidnappers demand a bloody ransom in exchange for his safe return.

How far would you go to protect your child?

Renowned heart surgeon Dr Anna Jones, soon to be divorced and attempting to co-parent with her estranged husband, arrives home after a long day of surgery to find three strangers sat in her living room. Her son, Zack, and childminder, Paula, are nowhere to be found.

‘Paula is dead. We have your son. If you want him back alive, you must kill Ahmed Shabir on the operating table in two days’ time.
If you tell anyone of this, your son will die.
If you are discovered, your son will die.
If you fail, your son will die.’

To save her child, Anna must sacrifice everything she believes in and take a life without detection: that of famed politician Ahmed Shabir. But in doing so, she sets off a string of events that puts both her and Zack in jeopardy:

Her husband is asking more and more questions about not being able to talk to their son…

A scrub nurse who witnessed her commit the crime plans to use Anna’s secret to her advantage…

And as the Major Crimes Unit investigates Paula’s murder, each piece of evidence leads Detective Inspector Rachel Conaty towards Anna…

One of the rules for getting her son back was killing the patient without suspicion, but with the police circling, a formal investigation being brought against her by the hospital, and those closest to her questioning Zack’s whereabouts, Anna must lie and scheme to get away with murder…

Or she will never see her son again.

Bethan Jones explained: “I have been looking for a high-concept thriller for the S&S list for some time now and, within a few chapters of reading Do No Harm, I knew this was one I had to publish. It is a fast-paced, breathless thriller-writing at its very best. Jack has taken an incredibly hooky premise and spun it into something so believable, which is such a testament to his skill as a writer. This is a truly human story, in the way that all phenomenal thrillers are. I felt stressed while I was reading this, which is such a special quality for a book in this genre to have, for it to make you breathless. The three points-of-view masterfully remind you of how precarious Anna’s situation is, the fact that she is never safe, that there is always something at stake. It is just so good and I am incredibly excited to publish it.”

An overjoyed Jack commented: “I am absolutely ecstatic about the response to Do No Harm, and was immediately blown away by the level of passion from Bethan and the team. I have long admired Simon & Schuster’s powerhouse force in the industry, so to be able to work with them on Do No Harm and beyond is a dream come true.”

Jack Jordan wrote his first novel at the age of seventeen, while he was locked away inside his house battling agoraphobia. By writing about characters in the outside world, he was able to escape his own confinement. What started as a short story to pass the time became a 100,000 word novel, and when he typed ‘The End’, he knew had had found the career that he wanted to pursue for the rest of his life.

Jack self-published his debut novel, Anything for Her, in 2015, followed by his second, My Girl, in 2016. By the end of the year, the two titles had sold 100,000 copies combined. A Woman Scorned, Before Her Eyes, and Night by Night soon followed, reaching readers around the world.

Jack may be able to leave the house now, but that hasn’t stopped him from writing, with five published titles under his belt, and his sixth on the way.

We are so proud to have the privilege of working with a phenomenal talent like Jack, and are incredibly excited by the prospect of sharing his work with an ever-growing audience!