Little Tiger has acquired debut author Natalie Denny’s Keisha Jones series. Jane Harris, associate publisher, acquired world rights for two books from Chloe Seager. The series will be illustrated by Chanté Timothy.

Keisha Jones Takes on the World is the first book in the series and will be published in August 2023. The publisher describes the series as “an appealing and timely series with a fearless Black girl at its heart”, going on: “Keisha is an empowering role model who’s itching to stand up to the world.

“Funny and engaging, the series is written in the first person with interactive page design incorporating letters, emails and texts.”

The synopsis reads: “Brimming with ideas and passion, Keisha is determined to stamp down injustices and stand up for what she believes. When Grandpa Joe tells Keisha about Great Aunt Bee, who was a lawyer and an activist, Keisha is determined to follow in her footsteps. Forming the Bee Squad, she enlists her friends KD and Paisley to help put an end to inequality. Soon they have their first cause.

“Keisha is incensed to discover that her local pet shop is selling male rabbits for more than female rabbits. It’s time to take matters into her own hands and stand up for rabbits’ rights!”

Harris said: “Working with Natalie to bring Keisha Jones to life has been a total joy. Natalie has created a warm, funny character fizzing with personality and brimming with ideas (some of which are wonderfully outlandish!). Keisha’s indomitable spirit and sense of justice shine through in every scene and her escapades are sure to delight young readers. Chanté Timothy’s bold and expressive illustrations are a perfect fit and bring Keisha’s world to life brilliantly. Little Tiger Fiction is over the moon to welcome Natalie and Chanté to the list, and we can’t wait to introduce readers to the force of nature that is Keisha Jones!”

Denny said:  “Introducing pint-sized activist Keisha Jones and her wild and wonderful ways to young readers is a dream come true! Keisha is a whirlwind of fun and mischief with a heart of gold; passionate about making the world a better place. I am so excited about working on this fantastic series with Little Tiger and where Keisha’s journey may take us!

Congratulations Natalie!