Rights to Kate Weston’sbrilliant and boundary pushing” YA novel, Diary of a Confused Feminist, have sold to Hachette Children’s Group.

The novel was snapped up by Publishing Director at Hachette Children’s, Sarah Lambert, who is over the moon with the acquisition: “Kate Weston is a comedy genius for a new generation of teen readers who are confronting feminism, sex and relationships head-on. Diary of a Confused Feminist is bold, authentic and laugh-out-loud funny. We are over our mooncups to be publishing it!”

Diary of a Confused Feminist follows the story of Kat Evans, who has many ambitions. To get together with Hot Josh, excel in her coursework, to be a writer, to be a good feminist…

The problem is, she’s not sure what good feminism entails:

Dear Emmeline Pankhurst,

If you’re up there, I’ve just purchased another menstrual cup to give it another go. If you could do your magic to help things go a little smoother this time, that’d be great. 

With feminist thanks,

Kat x

Kate was equally thrilled at the deal: “I wanted to honestly capture the anxiety, contradictions and confusion of being a young woman today and I hope that in Kat I’ve created a character that all young people can identify with. A lot of things in the book were taboo when I was Kat’s age. Especially periods. Something which I firmly believe we should talk about freely at ALL TIMES. I can’t wait for everyone to meet Kat. Except my parents, because she’s quite rude.”

Kate is an ex-stand-up comedian (never won any awards) and a bookseller (never won any awards at that either). She now works as a marketeer in publishing, and in her spare time writes books for teenagers. Her debut will be published by Hodder Children’s in February 2020. Though she no longer sells books, she is thrilled she now writes them, and is sometimes still funny.