Today marks the publication of The Truth of Different Skies by Kate Ling.

Published by Little, Brown and set in a future when the earth has become inhospitable and barren, with the only chance of keeping the human race alive in colonising distant planets,  The Truth of Different Skies focuses on Bea, a girl living on earth who feels trapped and bored with her life.

When a signal arrives from outer space, a mission is planned to find its origin that will take hundreds of years. Despite having to leave everyone and everything she’s cares about, forever, Bea knows she has to be on that ship. Except she didn’t plan on falling in love before she left . .

What makes you abandon your world? How do you say goodbye when it’s forever?

Third in a Young Adult trilogy (and a prequel to The Loneliness of Distant Beings and The Glow of Fallen Stars), this heart-breaking story about survival, love and hope is ideal for fans of Meg Rosoff and Beth Revis.