We’re ecstatic to announce that debut novelist, Jo Leevers, will publish two books with Amazon Publishing imprint, Lake Union, starting with the captivating, Tell Me How This Ends, which publishes in March 2023. Here’s a little more about it:

Tell Me How This Ends which follows Henrietta, who tells other people’s stories for a living, enabling her to stick to the facts and keep emotion at arm’s length. But then she agrees to help eccentric, terminally ill Annie write her life story. When she learns of a sister who drowned in unnexplained circumstances, she can’t help but follow the story’s loose ends. Annie’s story might just help Henrietta rewrite the most devastating passages in her own life, while Henrietta might be able to offer Annie pieace at last.

Leevers, a journalist and writer from London, was delighted to find a home for her passion project:

The idea for my book came to me when I was sitting in the coffee bar of a cancer drop-in centre – I know, not the jolliest setting, but one where you can be pretty sure that everyone around you has big issues on their minds: life, death – and whether to choose the Bakewell tart or a Tunnock’s teacake. I was struck by one couple who insisted on sitting at my table even though other tables were free. And I think it was because they couldn’t bear to be alone with their thoughts. This got me wondering, what would happen if people had the chance to tell their life stories at this crucial point in their lives? What kind of stories would be uncovered – and what kind of secrets would stay buried until the very end?

Lake Union editor, Victoria Oundjian, said:

I am delighted to be welcoming Jo Leevers to the Lake Union list. Her debut novel Tell Me How This Ends is a beautiful, emotionally charged novel that completely captures the reader from the first to the last page. I couldn’t put this one down and cannot wait to share it with readers around the world.

Jo’s agent, Hayley Steed, said:

I remember reading Jo’s novel in the early days of lockdown and feeling so grateful to her that something had finally lifted me out of the reading slump I was in – the book has everything. It’s warm, funny and uplifting, with brilliant pace, mystery and intrigue, bringing together every element with gorgeous characterisation to produce an unforgettable novel. It’s a perfect escapist read, and I can’t wait for Amazon to launch such a brilliant debut next year.

Congratulations, Jo – we can’t wait to share your books with the world!

*Photo by Charlotte Gray