The winner of the CWA 2014 Dagger in the Library Award to be announced tonight!

Dagger-in-the-LibraryMel SherrattMel Sherratt, alongside four other popular crime writers, was shortlisted for the renowned award – the winner will receive the award at the CWA Dagger in the Library Award  ceremony in central London this evening.

Unlike most other literary prizes, The Dagger in the Library honours an author’s body of work to date.

For the first time in the history of this award, readers compiled the long list as crime lovers everywhere were invited to vote online for their three favourite authors.

The most popular ten authors were whittled down to five by a panel of judges including previous winner Steve Mosby, CWA Director Lucy Santos and a group of UK librarians.

The shortlist includes: Mel Sherratt (Thomas & Mercer), Sharon Bolton (Transworld) Elly Griffiths (Quercus) Mari Hannah (Pan) James Oswald (Michael Joesph).

In her latest blog post, ‘The book that was never meant to be’,  Mel discusses the unanticipated conception of her crime writing.  She remarks ‘I am a gritty writer, not afraid to write about touchy subjects…’