After a heavy month overdosing on family time, Christmas gatherings, and searching for the perfect gifts for those around you, it is finally time to put yourself first again. We can think of no better way than by treating yourself to a brand new paperback copy of Michelle Elman’s The Joy Of Being Selfish, out today courtesy of Welbeck.

Michelle Elman is the Queen of boundaries and will take you on a journey that will not only teach you to respect yourself and your time but to enjoy the process too. After the success of the hardback edition last year, Michelle will be celebrating publication day today with a book launch at Waterstones, Bromley, where she will also be in conversation with Megan Jayne Crabbe. Get your tickets here. And for those who can’t make it, don’t forget you can also catch her at Blackwell’s in Oxford later this month where she will be discussing her book and the inspiration behind it – live.

“Michelle’s sense of empowerment and self-love and self-care is so palpable you can actually use it as bricks and mortar to build better boundaries for yourself… I certainly have!”

Carrie Hope Fletcher

‘A practical guide that will reclaim your time, energy and self-belief’


‘Michelle has made me feel more confident in my own boundary setting in my workplace and relationship. I could not recommend this book enough to those who struggle saying no and put other people’s happiness before their own’

Holly Hagan

  • Do you frequently say ‘yes’ to people and events to keep those around you happy?
  • Do you often find yourself emotionally exhausted and physically drained?
  • Do people describe you as a pushover or ‘too nice’?

It’s time to discover the joy of being selfish and reclaim your life through the art of boundaries!

Life coach and influencer @scarrednotscared Michelle Elman is here to teach you the practical side of self-love. Creating and upholding strong boundaries will teach others how to treat you, rid your life of drama and toxic relationships and allow you to love yourself and others in the best way you can.

Congratulations Michelle, we hope you have a wonderful day celebrating your paperback release!