Victoria Fox  Emma Garcia   Anna-Lou Weatherley

The Madeleine Milburn Agency celebrates the collaboration with digital savvy publish Bookouture to launch three of the Agency’s bestselling women’s fiction authors in America.

Victoria Fox’s Hollywood Sinners, Temptation Island and Wicked Ambition published by Harlequin/Mira in the UK will be the first author to go global, closely followed by Anna-Lou Weatherley’s Wicked Wives and Vengeful Wives (published as Chelsea Wives in the UK by HarperCollins/Avon), and Emma Garcia’s Never Google Heartbreak published in by Hodder in the UK.

Milburn says “I’ve always found it a complete an anomaly how so much women’s fiction can work so well in the UK but hasn’t yet broken out in the US. We don’t see this same divide when it comes to films or TV, or even bestselling women’s fiction authors such as Jackie Collins and Sophie Kinsella. It’s my belief that Oliver can tap into a US readership for our authors with his digitally savvy marketing.”

Oliver Rhodes, founder of Bookouture, said he expected to see more and more traditionally published UK authors being published digitally in the States. “Victoria, Anna-Lou and Emma are all amazing writers whose work  definitely has global appeal. We’ve seen authors like Sophie Kinsella, Helen Fielding and Tilly Bagshawe have great success on the other side of the Atlantic, but the key is not just making the titles available  —  they need to be positioned well and have marketing support. We’re able to do that and we’re very excited about the potential.”

This deal news has been reported in trade press including The Bookseller and Bookbrunch.