We’re so excited that Pace yourself by science journalist, Amy Arthur, has been bought by Black & White Publishing, an imprint of Bonnier Books. UK & Commonwealth rights were acquired by publishing director Susanna Abbott, from our agent Emma Bal in a three-way auction. The book is set for publication on 28th December 2023.

Pace Yourself offers a powerful lifeline in the form of pacing, a simple, science-based tool, to help restore joy, energy and balance in our lives. Arthur shares not just the science of pacing and how it works, but also shows how to use pacing in our daily lives to thrive, not simply survive, as well as her own pacing journey, explaining how it helped her manage the chronic, energy-limiting condition called ME/CFS that she was diagnosed with as a teenager. Arthur will help readers go from tired-all-the-time to focused and energised by prioritising what matters and adopting energy-building habits and lifestyle hacks – all with the help of pacing.

Arthur said: “I am pleased to be working with Susanna Abbott and the team at Black & White to bring pacing to the burned-out and exhausted general public. There are many things that can cause fatigue, but very little help is currently offered to those who suffer with it. Through Pace Yourself, I want to show that it is possible to have a better, healthier relationship with your energy levels and to take control over your own pace of life.”

Congratulations Amy!