ANNA O by Matthew Blake has debuted at No. 16 on the SPIEGEL Paperback bestseller list becoming an instant German bestseller on publication!

Published by the passionate team at S. Fischer/Scherz, ANNA O officially hit the German shelves on June 26th after an initial digital promotion which saw the e-book edition available one month earlier with sales and pre-sales skyrocketing within days.

Ahead of the official publication and as part of one the most exciting international PR campaigns that took over all major cities in Germany, a giant-sized replica of the book which was first exhibited at the Leipzig Book Fair and then re-homed on the rooftop of the S. Fischer’s office overlooking Frankfurt; as well as an exclusive limited edition which included an on-brand sleeping mask offered in collaboration with Thalia, Germany’s largest book retailer, which saw ANNA O reach No. 11 on their most anticipated titles based on pre-sales alone.

ANNA O was also featured in the KUDU Lesemagazin, one of the leading magazines for readers and book lovers that can be found in all German bookstores, with a dedicated promotional column. 

Congratulations to Matthew and the amazing team at S.Fischer/Scherz for such incredible accomplishments!