Inga Vesper

Primary Agent

Giles Milburn

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International Rights

Valentina Paulmichl

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Film & TV

Hannah Ladds

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Press and Reviews

Inga Vesper’s second novel is just as compelling and beautifully written as her debut. I simply could not put it down!”

A captivating read.”

A thrilling, haunting and darkly beautiful story. This Wild, Wild Country enchants as mysteries deepen and secrets echo over the harsh realities of the American Dream.”

Beautifully crafted, claustrophobic and compelling . . . a long drink on a hot day”

Like a tense, page-turning combo of James Ellroy, Kate Atkinson with a bit of Mad Men thrown in. Fabulous”

Such a vivid atmosphere of stifling LA heat and stifling 50s domesticity - the brittle facades of those suburban mansions with their manicured lawns and maddened…”

It's hard to express just how much I loved The Long, Long Afternoon. It's breathtakingly stylish, hypnotic and masterfully gripping. Inga paints the most beautiful portrait…”

Loved this . . . Shimmering Santa Monica skies, technicolour fifties suburbia, hiding the darkest of secrets.”

A perfect read”

Mrs. Wheatley from The Queens Gambit meets a smart and compelling murder mystery in this beautifully written novel. Bravo!”